Reflections on my mirror:

I am a Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being Coach, a voracious reader, an amateur writer, a dawn-lover, and an advocate of the slow life.

I love humanity and strive to create an intimate space for healing through open conversations, profound inquiry, and stimulating silence.

I aspire to live a deliberate and spacious life with mindfulness and unconditional presence.

I aspire to listen to life and honour it as it reaches out to me in every moment.

And I aspire to pass the baton of inner peace as far and wide as possible.


A snippet of my journey through my lens:

The pursuit of philosophy and mysteries of life started as early as my memory allows.

I recall being woken up  by jarring questions about my being and meaning of life. I would repeat my name over and over as a resounding reminder of my existence, and lay in the dark with the awareness that “I am”.

As I turned the pages of the calendar, I only grew more aware of the ascetic voice in my head and it’s existential questions, that I was not equipped to answer yet, but become conscious of the misalignment between my inner and outer world.

However, life took its course and I learnt its dance. Amidst the chaos that accompanied financial distress, volatile family dynamics, health challenges, and stagnant career, I pushed the rebellious, ascetic voice behind the curtain, only allowing a guest appearance in occasional philosophical discussions or quiet mountain vacations, and justified it all with a life of mediocrity.

I normalised burn out, confusion, emotional and spiritual starvation,  and accidental living till I could not bear it for another day.  

I was lost, and I knew I needed to go back to myself, to bring back the voice standing behind the wings, and let it run the show.

And the voice brought me here!